Temporary Visas

Whether you have a loved one living in the US, have always wanted to try living or working in this country, or simply have financial interests that require you to stay in the country from time to time, you will need a temporary visa in order to legally stay here.

Having an effective, insightful attorney to assist you with everything from the type of visa you need to keeping you informed of important paperwork to be filed and impending deadlines.

To find out more information on how our Kansas employment visa attorney can assist you with your temporary visa, contact the Law Office of Jihyun Kim, LLC today.

Employment Visas
A skilled immigration lawyer can assist you in obtaining your H-1b visa. This visa allows foreign nationals to work in professional level "specialty occupations" (requiring at least a bachelor's degree) in the United States. No matter what your chosen career - lawyer, accountant, architect, doctor, engineer, or religious worker - you must be able to prove that you have the proper educational background by providing proof of a bachelor's degree or the equivalent.

Student Visas
If you wish to attend school in the US, contact the Law Office of Jihyun Kim, LLC to learn more about obtaining an F-1 Visa. We can help you take advantage of the educational opportunities this country affords.

Investment Visas
If you live in South Korea, or another Asian country, and have over $200,000 to invest in an established business in the US, call on our attorney to help you obtain the proper investment visa. If you apply for an E-2 from an overseas location, your eligibility to conduct business in the US will last for five years before you must renew your visa (those who apply within the US must reapply after two years).

If you are an overseas business owner, from Korea or another country, and wish to expand your business in the US, call on our firm to help you with your E-1 Trader visa. We know the restrictions associated with this type of visa and can help you make decisions that work best for you.

Fiancée Visas
If you have a fiancée living in the US as a citizen and need assistance with a K-1 visa, we can help keep you informed of your options and important deadlines. We also help clients with K-3 visas so that foreign nationals with spouses who are US citizens can live in this country.

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